Core Values

Rocky Mountain Hoops operates by a set of Core Values. We ask that each player and parent agree to abide by the Core Values before accepting a roster spot.

As coaches, we will:

  • teach each player individual skills and team concepts with a focus on attention to detail and effort
  • treat players, parents, referees, and opposing teams with respect
  • communicate where players are excelling and areas they should focus on growing in
  • participate in memory-making activities


Commitment and Expectations

Agree to attend all practices, games, and team functions. If there is an unavoidable event, I will let both my coach and Coach Jen know. Any missed games must be communicated BEFORE the season begins. I understand that there will be a universal standard if I must miss as in running at practices and/or reduced playing time.

Agree to not play on another club basketball team while playing for Rocky Mountain Hoops.


Agree to be respectful to my coaches, teammates, referees, parents, and opposing teams. I will not use profanity and will conduct myself with class whether we win or lose.


Agree to have a growth mindset. I know I can continually improve and will give the extra ounce to do so. I will stand out for my hustle and be an energy-giver to my teammates. I will celebrate the successes of our TEAM, not focus only on my individual performance.

Playing Time

Understand that playing time is earned. If I have a question on how to earn more playing time, I will ask my coach.


Spectator Conduct

Agree to cheer for our entire team in a positive and classy manner. I will not yell out commands during games or practices with basketball terms such “shoot,” “dribble,” “pass,” etc. I understand that this may interfere with the job of the coach and what s/he is asking of the players.

Agree to be respectful of all officials, coaches, players, and opposing fans, including refraining from using profanity.

Agree to celebrate the successes of the entire team and ALL of its players.

Conflict Resolution

Agree to the 24-hour rule. I will not call or email the individual until after 24 hours has passed. If I have an issue, I will go directly to that person.

Agree to refrain from talking amongst others, which can stir up unnecessary drama.

Agree to not make a scene at a game or practice.

Trust the Process

Understand that the game of basketball is complex. The development of a team and individual athlete takes time, commitment, repetition, desire, and encouragement. Players may develop at different rates. I understand that playing time is not guaranteed in games. I understand that the success of others only improves our team and provides more opportunities. I will be patient and supportive of my player, knowing that success will come! The most successful players have parents who partner with and trust the coaches!


Understand that my child is not her performance. I will find ways to make sure she knows she is loved regardless of the outcome of the game. I will stress the process (not the outcome) and find ways to encourage and build her self-esteem. I will strive to make this experience FUN by not adding extra pressure!