About us

Our Mission

At Rocky Mountain Hoops our mission is to develop strong, confident young ladies who will excel both on and off the court. We do this by focusing on four key areas during the middle school years:

Skill Development

We spend a large portion of each practice on fundamental skills. We believe that in building a solid foundation of ball handling, shooting, offensive skills, and defensive skills, our players will become the best players they can be. We focus heavily on good footwork and correct form in all that we teach.

Leadership Development

We teach life lessons through the game of basketball. Our players are learning how to work hard, lead, be confident, and deal with victories and failures.
We have high expectations for our players. We emphasize trustworthiness, honesty, commitment, perseverance, dedication, and hard work.
We also provide opportunities for our players to volunteer via coaching and refereeing younger players.

High Basketball IQ

We teach positionless basketball. All of our players learn all of the skills and positions in practice. Instead of just teaching plays, we teach how to play basketball through a read and react offense. Players are taught how to read the defense and learn to find the best shot for the team.


Our goal is to create lifelong memories and friendships for our family of players. While we work hard, we also mix in fun! Our coaches and parents are always looking for ways to have fun together!

Click to read more about the set of Core Values we ask our parents and players to abide by.


What People are saying about Rocky Mountain Hoops

Playing basketball for Rocky Mountain Hoops has been a great experience for our daughters. Coach Jen does an excellent job of teaching and reinforcing fundamental basketball skills, while also emphasizing the bigger lessons of hard work, good character, and sportsmanship. We feel lucky to be part of the program!   ~Lori Welty

Jen Moyers and Rocky Mountain Hoops has molded our young daughter into an athlete who consistently gives 100% of herself in sports, academics, friendships, and faith. Jen sets the bar high and these athletes take the challenge and run with it. Her leadership, knowledge of the game, sportsmanship and genuine love for the sport and her players make RMH above and beyond any other competitive athletic program in the state!  ~Jenny Morrow